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Re: Breaking programs because a not yet implemented solution exists in theory

Le mercredi 01 février 2012 à 01:14 -0800, Russ Allbery a écrit : 
> The description and nametemplate don't come from the same place.  Those
> come from /usr/share/mime/application/pdf.xml, and are the same for all
> application/pdf entries.

That, and also you have to take into account aliases (different MIME
types characterizing the same file type) and subclasses (for example ODT
is a subclass of ZIP, yet you want to prioritize OOo if it is installed
to open it).

> The priority is a more interesting problem.  I'm not sure how the desktop
> specification assigns priorities when multiple applications can handle the
> same MIME type.

Yes, that’s where things become interesting. The freedesktop
specification handles defaults, instead of priorities. In Debian, we
take advantage of this to provide per-environment defaults. This way,
you can prioritize GNOME applications over KDE ones when running GNOME,
and vice versa. I don’t know if it’s possible to match that with the
mailcap system.

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