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clarifying copyright policy (Re: status of DEP5: Machine-readable debian/copyright)

Charles Plessy wrote:

> I would love the answer to this question documented somewhere, but I think
> that it would not belong to the DEP 5 document.  If you would like, you
> can send the question to the FTP Master team and CC the bug number #462996
> (“Document requirements for copyright file.”).

Or you could send a proposal to bug#462996 or another policy bug and
cc the FTP team as an affected party when it is time to build
consensus.  After all, taking on the legal risk and administrative
burden of _carrying out_ the decision of whether packages are
appropriate for inclusion in the archive doesn't imply they have
volunteered to also do the difficult work of writing a complete and
unambiguous specification about it.  Others can help them.

Hope that helps,

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