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Re: Bug#656142: ITP: duff -- Duplicate file finder

> Ah, right. So you'll start writing yet another tool? ;)

I've implemented pretty much that (http://liw.fi/dupfiles), but my
duplicate file finder is not so much better than existing ones in
Debian that I would inflict it on Debian. But the algorithm works
nicely, and works even for people who research hash collisions.

since we're onto this topic - a while ago I needed a duplicate finder that could identify not only identical files but also identical folders. it has a bunch of algorithms in there, and can make approximate searches as well (for performance). but does anyone know if there is a tool like this already or do I have a reason to continue developing it?


Johan Henriksson
PhD student, Karolinska Institutet
http://mahogny.areta.org  http://www.endrov.net

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