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Re: squeeze kernel upgrade fixes r8169 network driver?

On 16/01/12 21:14, Curt wrote:
Yes, I verified in the kernel logs (/var/log/kern.log--thanks for that
tip) : I was using 2.6.32-39 before; after the upgrade I'm using

According to the changelog, there has indeed been no other changes between those versions.

I'm *sure* I read something about an 8139 fix on -devel relating to
stable, there was an argument about whether it was appropriate or not.
This struck me as too much of a coincidence.  However, I can't find
the thread I was thinking of, so perhaps it was this earlier change:

linux-2.6 (2.6.32-36) stable; urgency=low

r8169: Backport changes up to Linux 3.0.2 (Closes: #627704)
    - Fix support for RTL8102E and RTL8168DP
    - Add support for RTL8105E, RTL8168E and another variant of RTL8168DP
    - Add support for D-Link DGE-530T rev C1

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