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Re: Bug#656142: ITP: duff -- Duplicate file finder

>> What is it the benefit over fdupes, rdfind, ...?
> ..., hardlink, ...

finddup from perforate

> Was thinking about packaging it myself already, so I may also sponsor
> Kamal's package when it's ready.

You just listed the third duplicate (and me no. 4), and still go blind
right on "ohoh, i sponsor it". Why? I hope its conditional on it being
vastly better than any of the others (speed, functionality, ...) and not
just "because".

Contrary to some common believe, Debian is not the dump for NIH, and
even if a little redundancy can't hurt, too much is just waste. Of our
time, of our mirrors (space and bandwidth), ...

bye, Joerg
Contrary to common belief, Arch:i386 is *not* the same as Arch: any.

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