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Re: Bug#655230: ITP: pushkey -- ITP: pushkey - Pushes your ssh key to a remote location. It tries to create a .ssh folder remotley then it adds your ssh key to authorized_keys.

On Wed, Jan 11, 2012 at 2:36 AM, Joerg Jaspert wrote:

> Now, with what your script actually does compared to the existing
> ssh-copy-id I don't think it should be added as an own package to Debian.
> Instead you should go one of two ways:
>  - Get it into the openssh-client package as an example, so users can
>   easily get at it if they want to.
>  - Or better even: As ssh-copy-id is itself a shell script, enhance that
>   and submit a patch (probably to upstream), as that is (as you have
>   seen) the one thing that most people know about, so getting that
>   better ought to be the best thing.

- Or way better still: encourage your sysadmins to switch to monkeysphere:




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