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Re: Bug#655230: ITP: pushkey -- ITP: pushkey - Pushes your ssh key to a remote location. It tries to create a .ssh folder remotley then it adds your ssh key to authorized_keys.

Hi Al,

On Mon, Jan 9, 2012 at 7:12 PM, Al <abiheiri@gmail.com> wrote:
> OK I guess I am partially incorrect, however if .ssh or authorized_keys is
> wrong permission, ssh-copy-id doesn't fix it..
> I set .ssh folder to 777 and ssh-copy-id did not change it.

That is the sane behavior here.

The utilities that come in the openssh-client package do not set .ssh
to 777, they set it to 600, hence if it is set to 777, then someone
*manually* did that. That person should then manually fix it. It would
be illogical for some other program to "fix" the perms. A manual
correction is the proper place for it. Also, pushkey is doing more
than what it name implies. The name implies that a key would get
pushed, however:

1) a key gets created
2) it gets pushed
3) directory mode is changed

I wouldn't expect, nor want, 3 and possibly 1.

<devil's advocate>

I don't think anyone is going to:

"apt-get install pushkey"

When there is already a tool to copy keys around. I know that push key
will generate a key, but that goes against the grain of the UNIX
philosophy of having tools do one job and do it well.

It seems best to stick with:

ssh-keygen (once in a great while)
ssh-copy-id system (whenever you need to ssh to a new system)

I don't think anyone will advocate for "pushkey", it seems rather unnecessary.

</devil's advocate>



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