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dokuwiki and /usr [WAS: from / to /usr/: a summary]

* Tanguy Ortolo <tanguy+debian@ortolo.eu> schrieb:
> Enrico Weigelt, 2011-12-31 03:55+0100:
> > IMHO this is completely wrong, those files should be under
> > /usr/lib/... or maybe even /usr/share/... as they're not
> > dynamic data.
> Well, when people install new plugins or new themes, they get installed
> on the same directory, so I decided that it was less surprising to have
> packaged files that people will not touch under /var than to have user
> files under /usr.

Well, *I* would be *very* suprised by having packaged files under /var.
So I would have changed the app to (additionally) look for plugins
under /usr (in this case /usr/share/dokuwiki/plugin/)

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