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Re: from / to /usr/: a summary

Le dimanche 01 janvier 2012 à 13:02 +0100, Bernhard R. Link a écrit : 
> > Because it’s well-known that filing RFAs will magically generate
> > competent maintainers with a lot of time in their hands.
> Spare your sarcasm, please.

No. I’m sick of these repeated allusions, really. If you are not ready
to help, please stop telling maintainers that they should treat your
personal nitpicks as the most important matters.

> While a RFA will not magically make people appear magically, one at
> least makes clear that one would accept help.

Most maintainers in core teams have been repeatedly explaining they are
PERMANENTLY looking for help. So far, neither RFHs, RFAs nor calls for
help have changed much.

 .''`.      Josselin Mouette
: :' :
`. `'

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