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Re: Bug#652275: Guided partitioning should not offer separate /usr, /var, and /tmp partitions; leave that to manual partitioning

Steve Langasek <vorlon@debian.org> writes:

> On Fri, Dec 16, 2011 at 07:32:35PM +0100, Michael Biebl wrote:
>> On 16.12.2011 18:38, Joey Hess wrote:
>> > Christian PERRIER wrote:
>> >> I'm inclined to follow this advice and would indeed propose that the
>> >> "atomic" partman-auto recipe is kept, however without a separate /usr
>> >> partition (discussions on -devel and the current practice convinced me
>> >> that a separate /usr is seomthing that probably belongs to the former
>> >> century..:-)
>> > I don't think that d-i should be on the leading edge of this discussion.
>> > Once Debian has made up its mind, d-i can be updated to follow the
>> > consensus.
>> To me it looks like there is broad consensus that a separate /usr
>> partition should be considered deprecated and this option removed from
>> the installer.
> There isn't.  There's just a broad consensus among those who are talking
> about changing things.
> Some of us think this is completely bogus and are really sick of the same
> already-rebutted arguments being repeated over and over on the list as if
> that makes them true.

Then please once more for the record speak up and tell us why / and /usr
must be seperate partitions?

We are not talking about dropping support for having a seperate /usr
here. Just about D-I not creating / and /usr as seperate partition in
the "make more than one partition" automatic partitioning choice.

It is obvious that Debian still needs to support /usr being
seperate. But that isn't the issue. That is also why I don't agree with
Joey. D-I is the only one that makes the choice for the user and as such
is the one that can change the recepie.


PS: I myself like a seperate /usr but I wouldn't use it for my parents.
I do want a seperate /var and /home for them though so they can't DOS
the system by filling up their home.

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