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Re: Bug#652423: Acknowledgement (ITP: v3c -- C/C++/sh/make/automake/Debian utility toolkit)

Le 17/12/2011 08:59, Reinhard Tartler a écrit :
> On Sa, Dez 17, 2011 at 12:35:15 (CET), Philip Ashmore wrote:
>> Long description:
>>  utility C/C++ include files
>>  libv3c - a C/C++ library
>>  v3c - a utility program meant to be used in scripts or from the command
>> line
>>  makefile includes - see v3c's client projects "makefile" for examples
>>  automake/aclocal m4 macros - see v3c's client projects for examples
> This description fails to explain what this package is intended for and
> how it relates and is better to alternatives in Debian. After reading
> the package description, the reader should be able to decide if the
> package satisfies the user's requirements.
> cf. http://mdcc.cx/debian/descriptions.html and many other guidelines on
> the internet.

Please prefer the up to date developers' reference:




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