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Bug#652011: general: Repeated pattern of FHS violation: Dependencies of /sbin and /bin, belong in /lib

On 14.12.2011 22:43, J.A. Bezemer wrote:

> So I'd say "preferably not" move /bin and /lib to /usr; but I'd say 
> "absolutely definitely not" move /usr/bin and /usr/lib to /.
> (Well, in the latter case: unless you make sure that /bin and /lib are 
> actually mountable separately. But that would really defeat the purpose.)

Moving the bits from /lib and /(s)bin to /usr doesn't mean you won't be
able to have /usr on a separate partition.
It just means you'd have to use something like initramfs-tools to mount
/usr for you.

Actually, by moving the bits to /usr, you'd have to encrypt even less.


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