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Bug#652011: Repeated pattern of FHS violation: Dependencies of /sbin and /bin, belong in /lib

Two clarifications:

Jonathan Nieder wrote:
> Roger Leigh wrote:

>> The question that needs answering is this:
>>   "what are the reasons, today, for a separate /usr?"
> No, I don't think an answer to that precise question today would be
> especially helpful.

I'd like to apologize for this response.  Hearing use cases is always
welcome, especially when they are given in the spirit of being helpful
rather than defensiveness.

> As far as I can tell, it is not especially
> unsensible to use separate partitions for /usr, /etc, /var, /boot, and
> /opt.

It occured to me too late that it might sound like I am saying a /etc
partition separate from / can work.  By "separate" I only meant
"distinct" (i.e., the /usr, /etc, /var, etc inodes all coming from
different mounts).

I also think I misunderstood your message.  What kind of unification
are you advocating?  Fedora's setup, for example, allows /usr to be a
separate filesystem.

Sorry for the noise,

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