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Switching /etc/mtab to /proc/mounts and removing /lib/init/rw

Hi folks,

The above have been mentioned a few times during the course of the
year, but we're now at the point where all the prerequisites have
been satisfied, and there are no blockers present to proceed.

I've put a proposed set of packages at
which I plan to upload to experimental soon, and then to unstable
following some testing.

If you have a few minutes to spare, some testing of the packages
would be appreciated, so make sure there are no corner cases we've
missed.  Upgrading initscripts should result in /etc/mtab being
switched to a symlink at the next reboot.  /lib/init/rw will also
no longer mount a tmpfs on reboot, though the directory itself will
need to remain until wheezy+1, due to the upgrade ordering--packages
migrate after initscripts has run its postinst, requiring its
continued presence.

I'd be grateful for any feedback.


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