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Orphaning emile

reassign 648933 wnpp
retitle 648933 O: emile -- the Early Mac Image LoadEr
severity 648933 normal

I am here by orphaning emile on behalf of the maintainers.  The
description of emile is:

the Early Mac Image LoadEr

EMILE provides a way to natively boot Macintosh computers which normally
require Penguin to boot.

It is however still in an unfinished state; users unfamiliar with Linux
should note that Penguin currently is a more safe option.

A list of machines that are supported by EMILE is maintained at

If you are interested in adopting this package, please be prepared to
fix #533800 (and #629789).  A quick look at the homepage suggests that
upstream might be dead as well.

If no one picks this package up within 14 days or so, I will push for
its removal on the grounds it that it is RC-buggy and has extremely low


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