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Bug#651090: ITP: colibri -- alternate notification system for KDE4

Package: wnpp
Severity: wishlist
Owner: Ritesh Raj Sarraf <rrs@debian.org>

* Package name    : colibri
  Version         : 0.2.2
  Upstream Author : Aurélien Gâteau <agateau@kde.org>
* URL             : http://kde-apps.org/content/show.php?content=117147
* License         : GPL
  Programming Lang: C++
  Description     : alternate notification system for KDE4

passive notification system for kde4
 colibri is a passive notification system for KDE4 desktop
 Colibri notifications look lighter and are completely passive:
 they do not provide any buttons. You may or may not like this.
 Since they are completely passive, they smoothly fade away when
 you mouse over them, allowing you to interact with any window behind
 They also do not stack each others: if multiple notifications happen,
 they will be shown one at a time.

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