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script to link annoying $HOME dirs/files to /tmp?


Is there anything like the following? A script that I can run on login and 
that creates folders/empty files in (tmpfs mounted) /tmp and creates symlinks 
from $HOME/... to /tmp.
This is done so that data I don't care about is automatically cleaned on 

Candidates for this would be:
.subversion/ (only created by git svn)

or files:

Even better would be the possibility to have a hook that can create the 
necessary symlinks and empty dirs/files when those are first accessed. How 
would I do that?

I feel like mass bug filling against packages that pollute my $HOME and don't 
use $HOME/.c{ache|onfig} ... :-)

Is there a more appropriate list for this question?


Thomas Koch, http://www.koch.ro

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