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Re: Lintian ERROR saying dpatch is obsolete


On Mon, 28 Nov 2011, Alexander Wirt wrote:
> And the problem that debians dpatchs is full of evil patches that makes it
> just incompatible to other quilts on non-debian systems. 

I assume you meant s/dpatchs/quilt/.

Can you back up that assertion? It's true that quilt has a lot of patches
applied but AFAIK there's only one new significant feature that is not in
the upstream git repository. We have certainly not changed anything that
would lead to a quilt tree being unusable by another quilt.

And FWIW the new feature I'm thinking about is "quilt shell" which you
should most certainly appreciate if you're a dpatch-edit-patch lover.

>From my point of view this assertion is thus wrong-headed. The number of
patches is more a sign of 1/ the Debian maintainer being too busy to do
his job properly 2/ the upstream authors who are not very active either
and haven't made a release in years with quite some changes in their git

FWIW the call for help is always open: #543541 The two persons who offered
help quickly dropped away too.

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