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Re: Re: The mingw* mess in Debian

gcc-mingw32 is no longer a build-dependency of any package in Debian
so I'll probably dispose of it with the next gcc-mingw-w64 upload (which
will include a transition package).

That's great news!

I was thinking more along the lines of mingw-w64-win32 and mingw-w64-win64 so
that the API names appear in the package names. For people who know about

The mingw-w64 project page's headline announces "GCC for both x64 & x86 Windows", in the FAQ section they insist on using the GNU tuples or talk about "32bit or 64bit windows" and in the Download section they offer "Toolchains targetting Win32" and "Toolchains targetting Win64". So it seems even upstream also lacks a consistent naming sheme. :/

32-bit packages (lots of people don't realise mingw-w64 targets 32-bit
Windows too; it seems the package description isn't sufficient).

Yes, the package descriptions might need some improvement. This is how mingw-w64 introduces itself on its own project home page:

"The project's goal is to deliver runtime, headers, and libs for developing 64 bit (x64), as well as 32 bit (x86), windows applications using gcc-4.6 or newer versions."

i think that pretty much hits it. ;)

 - Fabian

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