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Re: Bug#649338: ITP: pxe-kexec -- Retrieves PXE configuration file and kexec entries


Some comment regarding the package description...

On Sun, 2011-11-20 at 02:32 +0000, Dave Walker (Daviey) wrote:
> Package: wnpp
> * Package name    : pxe-kexec
>   Description     : Retrieves PXE configuration file and kexec entries

> Tool that fetches PXE configuration from a TFTP (or FTP) server,

Since the tools is curl based, I suppose that it supports HTTP too. This
could be an interesting feature for ipxe/gpxe users, so it's worth
mentioning it if it is supported.

> reads that PXE configuration file, prompts the user for an boot
Consider using the word "reboot" instead of "boot", so "aptitude search"
work with both "boot" and "reboot" match. (and it seems more accurate,

> entry (label), downloads the specified kernel and initrd and 
> finally tries to boot the kernel using kexec using supplied 
> command line retrieved via PXE.
I doubt this tools supports the actual PXE protocol (UDP/4011, served by
the package pxe).

Altogether, the description could look like this (drop the text in
brackets if it is inaccurate).

Description : Fetch PXE configuration file and netboot using kexec
Tool that fetches PXE configuration file (SysLinux' PXELinux format),
prompts the user for a boot entry (label), [let the user interactively
edit the kernel parameters], downloads the selected kernel and initrd
over the network using TFTP, FTP [or HTTP] and finally boot the kernel
using kexec.

(I have inserted imported keyword like: syslinux, network, netboot,

This description can be further improved (especially by i18n people)!



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