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Re: Bug#649274: Forming a new upstream for timidity (and reporting various issues with current deb pkg)

On Sat, 19 Nov 2011, Neil Williams wrote:

CC'ing the only person to express some interest. Geoffrey, if you are
no longer interested in timidity, despite signs of interest from a
possible new upstream, please retitle #585039 as O: instead of ITA:

Thanks for Ccing me. The "real world" had caught up with me a bit this semester, both in terms of taking away time for non-academic technical work and for writing music, but I'm graduating soon and done with interviews, so I have more time now (and have a laptop running testing) and do intend to maintain it.

I'd given my sponsor a debdiff to adopt the package and fix the FTBFS. I think we'd just both forgotten about it -- I've just poked him about uploading it.

Hans, thanks for the patches and review, and I'll try to take a look at them over the next few days. I'd definitely be interested in contributing to a revived upstream -- yes, timidity does need some love. :)

Geoffrey Thomas

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