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Re: Simplifying bootstrap on circular-dependent packages

Chow Loong Jin <hyperair@ubuntu.com> writes:

> On 16/11/2011 18:12, Goswin von Brederlow wrote:
>> [...]
>> How do you intend to build that fake lib?
>> I guess it comes down to getting a list of symbols on an existing
>> architecture (or from the symbols file?), creating a "void symbol;" stub
>> for each and then building a fake lib for the target arch.
>> What about C++ where symbols are architecture dependent? I guess you
>> could detect which symbols are C and which C++, demangle them, insert
>> extern "C" {} as needed and build using g++.
> Do you really need to demangle them? If the fake lib is only going to be used
> for linking, surely you could just create a "void mangled_symbol;" stub in C to
> achieve the same effect as well?
> -- 
> Kind regards,
> Loong Jin

As said, the mangled symbol can differ between architectures. So if you
take the symbol from one architecture then you need to demangle it there
and mangle it again on the target architecture.


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