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Re: Description-less packages file

Joerg Jaspert <joerg@debian.org> writes:

> I just merged a patch from Ansgar to generate the Packages files without
> the English description embedded inside them. Instead they are now
> written into a new file, the "English Translation" file in
> "main/i18n/Translation-en.bz2". They thus appear alongside all other
> translated descriptions as "just another language". apt & co will (or
> should) just download those Translation files to show the description,
> as they do already for all other languages.
> This lets us save quite a bit of space on our mirrors by not repeating
> them as many times as we have architectures - and also enables
> non-English-speaking users (and eventually multi-arch enabled APT) to
> save on download size, as they no longer need to download a language
> that is of no use to them or is already there.

Thanks. This is verry much appreciated and saves doubly (triplly,
quadruply, ...) on downloads, disk space (and I assume memory too) with


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