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Re: Description-less packages file


Am 09.11.2011 14:57, schrieb David Kalnischkies:
So, long story short: Is this going to be the implementation ftp-master
chooses for wheezy or are we getting a short description back?

I did not know all details when I wrote the initial patch. Given the current issues, I plan to update dak to also include the short description soon.

And while we are on it: Could we get i18n/Index (back) and have it look
like a "normal" Release file instead of this ".bz2-only"-listing?
(because apt/wheezy really uses it to avoid requesting not-existent files)

Yes, this also needs some changes to dak (or the scripts currently used to manage translations).

Could we just include the Translation-* files in the main Release file instead? Then they would also be protected from tampering, I think they are not referenced in any signed file right now. (We can also have them in both Release and i18n/Index for a transition period.)


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