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Re: dh_strip failing on cross-compilation

On Wed, 09 Nov 2011 17:50:09 +0100
Ole Wolf <wolf@blazingangles.com> wrote:

> I'm trying to build packages for multiple architectures. The package builds
> fine on the native system (amd64), but when I issue "debuild -ai386"

For amd64 to i386, create an i386 chroot with debootstrap and build the
package inside that chroot. This ONLY works for particular combinations
of architectures and amd64 -> i386 is one of those pairs. i386 -> amd64
is NOT the same thing.

>    What should I do to build for multiple architectures?

For mutually incompatible architectures, e.g. if you were doing amd64
to armel or i386 to mips, you need a cross-compiler toolchain and all
the cross-dependency packages installed for the foreign architecture.
Emdebian provides some, other sources exist but there aren't
cross-compilers available for most combinations actually within Debian

amd64 -> i386 does NOT need any of that hassle, just a chroot.

Simpler ways of doing this for all architecture combinations are
awaiting the full MultiArch implementation.

Typical list for queries related to incompatible architectures is

Feel free to add this to the Debian Wiki, somewhere under the amd64


Neil Williams

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