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Dynamic linking against binutils libraries (again) (attn: doko)

Since this discussion in 2005:


binutils has got a shlibs file that specifies a tight dependency on the 
current upstream version. Thus frequent binNMUs of any packages linking 
dynamically against libbfd or libopcodes are needed, or those packages will 
hold back binutils from migrating, as is the case right now, but there should 
hopefully at least be no breakage.

I just want to check that the prohibition in the package description of 
binutils-dev ("Note that building Debian packages which depend on the shared 
libbfd is Not Allowed") is still in force and that doko hasn't just forgotten 
about it. In that (former) case I'm volunteering to fix the offending packages 
(lush and nitpic) and close the bugs my friend Niels opened. 

(It does seem a bit pointless to help packages that link dynamically that much 
if it's forbidden, but on the other hand binutils is definitely not a proper 
library package.)

Magnus Holmgren        holmgren@debian.org
Debian Developer 

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