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Bug#647742: ITP: libradsec - RADIUS over TLS/DTLS/UDP/TCP library

package: wnpp
severity: wishlist

URL: libradsec branch of http://www.project-moonshot.org/gitweb/radsecproxy.git
URL2: http://software.uninett.no/radsecproxy/
Description: libradsec is a library for RADIUS clients and servers
  This library features support for RADSEC (RADIUS over TLS/DTLS) as well as TCP and UDP transports.

License: The following license is a bit misleading because there are
GPL dependencies. So effectively libradsec is distributed under GPL2+. However, the intent is to remove the GPL dependencies in the near future and so the license will look more like
The source code is licensed under two different licenses, a 3-clause
BSD license and the GNU General Public License (version 2 or later).
Users of this library may choose which of these suits them best.

I'm packaging libradsec because Moonshot
(http://www.project-moonshot.org/) depends on it.  It has not been
formally released yet.  It's sort of related to radsecproxy that is
already in Debian in that eventually, libradsec may be used as a
library by radsecproxy. At that point it might make sense for the
libradsec and radsecproxy source packages to be combined. Today,
although they come from the same git repository, they come from
different branches and different places in the directory tree. There
are a couple of header files in common.

I cannot upload libradsec to unstable until libevent 2.x makes its way
into unstable.

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