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Re: can somebody update wwwoffle

On Fri, 04 Nov 2011 11:06:26 +0800
jidanni@jidanni.org wrote:

> Can somebody update wwwoffle? Upstream has a new version that makes
> HTTPS work once again.

May be better to remove it. The bug you mention is severity important
but there's an unfixed RC bug open since February. #615795. No
maintainer activity on the package for a year, 2 NMU's already. I'd say
that qualifies as orphaned. No watch file, no patch system in use but
something like 40 upstream files modified in the current sources. Most
of those are simply not having a sane clean: rule but there are changes
to .c files too.

There may well be a new upstream version but the state of the current
package makes an update look like more work than it deserves. So there
is absolutely no point orphaning it - it needs a new maintainer to fix
all the lintian issues, apply the patches already in the BTS waiting,
sanitise the debian packaging, add the watch file and then update it.

CC'ing the maintainer but if there's no interest in, say, a week, I'll
file for removal instead, RoQA, RC-buggy, low popcon, cruft.


Neil Williams

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