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RE: Debian unstable/expirental missing some bnx2 firmwares

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> From: Sébastien Riccio [mailto:sr@swisscenter.com]
> >
> > David, we need to either keep on importing changes from the linux tree
> > or get rid of the firmware directory altogether.  I notice that one new
> > driver has even added a blob there recently.
> >
> > Ben.
> >
> I don't understand everything that has been said about this topic, I'll
> ask a simple question:
> are the firmwares going to be included in the firmware-bnx2x package
> anytime soon or is
> there a way to build them and add them manually on a debian unstable
> machine ?

We should add the FW to linux-firmware, then you will be able to take it from there

do you want me to provide the firmware files for your tree, or you will be
able build it from linux tree by yourself?


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