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Re: /var/lib/transmission-daemon directory ownership


On 01/11/11 11:09, Дмитрий Матросов wrote:
> Now in debian squeeze ownership of /var/lib/transmission-daemon folder is set
> to 'root:root'


> but, i think, it should be set to 'debian-transmission:debian-transmission'.
> Also, i think that home folder of user 'debian-transmission' should also be
> set to '/var/lib/transmission-daemon' instead of '/home/debian-transmission'.

Unless you see a security risk, I don't see this being changed for squeeze.
As for the sid/experimental, what's your reasoning for the change? The
idea behind this is not logging in as debian-transmission (hence the
shell:/bin/false), so there is little incentive for having an existing
home dir, specially since transmission-daemon should really only create
files in the directory passed with --config-dir (otherwise, we'd have
/var/lib/transmission-daemon/.config, which IMHO isn't a good idea).

I am, however, open for suggestions.


PS.: was it really necessary to include d-devel on this discussion? I
hardly see it as a subject worthy of open discussion or as a point of

Leo "costela" Antunes
[insert a witty retort here]

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