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Re: udev: what does it used for in Debian?

On Oct 24, Ivan Shmakov <ivan@gray.siamics.net> wrote:

> 	It doesn't seem like a good reason for the aforementioned
> 	dependency, does it?
There are many other reasons, you can find them in /lib/udev/.

> 	And what the initramfs-tools package has to do with consistent
> 	devices' filenames?
udev is needed to automatically load all the modules you need, for a

> 	However, I wonder, how often these numbers will change given
> 	that the system's hardware configuration will essentially be
> 	fixed for all the foreseeable future?  I guess it won't be
> 	something like “every (other) kernel's release”, right?
Names could change even at every boot.

Anyway, you have equiv. Try to use it and look what happens.


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