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Bug#646208: RFH: apache2 -- Apache HTTP Server

Package: wnpp
Severity: normal


I am looking for co-maintainers for the apache2 package. The other
co-maintainers are inactive.  The package is not in a bad shape, but I am
lacking time and there is significant work to be done in the near future.

The new co-maintainer(s) should of course have significant experience as apache
user and some skills in Debian packaging. Depending on their level of
experience, the following tasks need to be done:

* Respond to new bug reports and check if there is actually a bug or if it is
just a configuration error.

* Investigate and fix bugs.

* Follow up on bugs marked moreinfo and maybe close them.

* A new major upstream release (2.4) is expected soon. Upgrading the package to
2.4 will require lots of packaging work like designing an upgrade path (the
apache2-mpm* packages will likely go away), extending the maintainer scripts to
handle the upgrade, writing documentation, adapting the default configuration,
communicating with the maintainers of module packages, and testing the upgrade
process and the new packages.

* The major upgrade will allow to do some changes which have been deferred for
compatibility (like improving the conf.d mechanism).

* There are also a number of features that would be nice to have but have so
far not been implemented due to lack of time. For example, there should be some
way for the admin to configure if apache2 should be restarted when module
packages are installed/upgraded/removed.

* Help with maintaining apr/apr-util/ssl-cert is also appreciated, but these
are a lot less work.

Maintaining apache2 in Debian is a great way to learn more about Apache HTTPD.
This includes its advanced and/or less frequently used features and its inner
workings. But maintaining apache2 also means putting emphasis on reliability
and not breaking people's setups.

As I am not really involved in Ubuntu, people who are knowledgable about
Ubuntu's needs and development process are especially welcome.


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