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Bug#601455: general: can't stop daemon using /etc/init.d/foo stop when, disabled via /etc/default/foo

Many packages seem to provide ENABLE/DISABLE variables in
/etc/default/foo, providing a confusing red herring for this
task --- a second method which does not work nearly as well,
as you pointed out
Though there are some situations where it is nessacery. Consider vtund for example which has seperate enable/disable flags for running in server and client modes (with the potential for multiple seperate client instances).

A complicating factor is that the sysadmin may already have customized
some ENABLE/DISABLE settings and a move like this should not override
their settings.  So perhaps packages should stop advertising the
ENABLE/DISABLE vars in /etc/default/<package>, but continue to respect
them when set.
regardless of any plan to discourage use of the /etc/default
mechanism (I think removing it altogether is not really reasonable) I think the original bug of being unable to stop a dameon after disabling it in /etc/default still needs to be fixed.

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