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Re: apt-listbugs

Le 18/10/2011 18:45, Alexey Salmin a écrit :
There're some ideas coming into mind how to solve it:

* Add "Breaks: xserver-xorg-core (>= 2:1.10.99)" to nvidia-graphics-drivers
I won't work. As Andreas pointed out you can't add it to the package
which is in the archive already. Making a dummy commit wouldn't make
the things any better: it will not prevent people from upgrading
xserver-xorg-core but if will block the upgrade of

Whatever is done is order for apt-listbug to warn the users, should not
a new xserver-xorg-core be uploaded with
'Breaks: nvidia-graphics-drivers (<= ${current nvidia version})' ?
This way, xserver-xorg-core correctly declares it cannot work with
some nvidia-graphics-drivers versions.


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