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Bug#645723: general: asks for root password instead of user password

Jimmy Li wrote:
> Apparently, anything that needs root asks for the root password instead of my
> user password. Apparently, it's using su instead of sudo.

The debian-installer will set up your system to use either su or sudo
depending upon whether you specified a root password or only a user
password.  If you set a root password then it will set it up for su.
If you only set a user password then it will set it up for sudo.  What
you describe is normal when the installer has been given a root

This selection is controlled by the alternatives system for the
'libgksu-gconf-defaults' command.  You can change this selection by
updating it to use sudo instead of su.

Documentation for the gksu library is available here:


Where it says:

  The gksu library enables the user to run programs with root powers
  using one of `su' or `sudo' as backend. If the application that uses
  the library doesn't specify the backend it wants to use, the backend
  will be selected through the `/apps/gksu/sudo-mode' boolean gconf

To change the selection to something different:

  # update-alternatives --config libgksu-gconf-defaults
  # update-gconf-defaults

> Just a moment ago, I had to manually re-add myself to the sudo
> group. Now sudo works, but all applications still ask for the root
> password instead of the user password.

You did not say if the use of su and the root password was a change in
behavior or if it has always been using su since system installation
time.  But if it is a change then perhaps something updated the
gconf-defaults on your system recently.

The sudo configuration setup is only for sudo.  It doesn't affect the
libgksu-gconf-defaults configuration.  If sudo is to be used then of
course sudo itself needs to be configured and working too.  Again the
debian-installer does this automatically if only a user password is
given at install time.

Hope this helps,

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