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Re: Move all to /usr

On Oct 14, Charles Plessy <plessy@debian.org> wrote:

> If the merge in /usr is implemented in the base-files package, it means that
> existing systems will not be automatically converted.  So to support the
> systems combining where the root filesystem is not supported by bootloaders and
> where the disk is small, it would only need to make the merge in /usr optional
> at installation time.
> So, how would the merge in /usr would be implemented in practice ?

Fedora plans to use a method which is very similar to what we did for
the /usr/doc/ transition, and which requires modifying every packages
which installs files in /bin and /sbin (78 on my system, not counting
I suppose that this is required by RPM, but I wonder if with dpkg we
could get away with a more quick and dirty approach which may also have
the benefit of not being mandatory to cater for the people who are
emotionally attached to a standalone /usr.

My plan is to write a script which moves to /usr all the binaries in
/bin and /sbin (taking care of the few cases which actually are links
to /) and then converts the directories to symlinks to /usr/bin and
After this I will try to break the system by upgrading it and installing
and removing packages.


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