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Re: Move all to /usr

>>>>> Daniel Baumann <daniel.baumann@progress-technologies.net> writes:
>>>>> On 10/11/2011 04:32 PM, Marco d'Itri wrote:

 >> I am still not 100% persuaded that this would be easy to do, but at
 >> least I think that it has more merit than the old "move all to /"...

 > i'd rather see a /$foo and /usr/$foo merger to /system/$foo, so we
 > can have the trichotomy /system, /local and /home.

	My opinion would be for /system/distribution, /system/local, and
	/home.  But, ouch, /system/distribution is essentially the
	present /usr!  (While /system/local subsumes the current
	/usr/local, which isn't used that much, anyway, and /etc and

	The motivation is that it's much more important to backup
	/system/local (/etc, /var) than /system/distribution (/usr.)

	As for dpkg(8), we could have both /var/lib/dpkg/packages (with
	Package:, Version:, and everything modifiable) /and/
	/usr/lib/dpkg/packages.d (with the full descriptions.)

	I'd argue that /boot is to be left in place, for I like to think
	of bootloader as /not/ belonging to any particular system
	installed on box.

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