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/ vs. /usr vs. fsck(8)

>>>>> Marco d'Itri <md@Linux.IT> writes:


 > So let's look at the reasons against merging /usr in / listed in my
 > final summary.  All of them do not apply to merging / in /usr, and
 > actually become arguments in favour of doing it:

 > - NFS: sharing a read only system over NFS becomes much easier (I
 > would say that it actually becomes possible...)

	Agreed.  Being one who actually have experimented with such a
	setup, I'd say that it makes an NFS boot environment much easier
	to maintain.


	However, please note that the current state of affairs (AIUI) is
	that we rely on / to check all the other filesystems before
	these are mounted.  If the / filesystem is itself modified in
	the process, we're to reboot the system for safety.

	With /usr being mounted by initramfs, either we'd need to allow
	/usr to be checked /after/ it's mounted (by the filesystem
	checkers residing on it, which doesn't seems all that sane),
	/or/ we'd need to put all the filesystem checkers to initramfs.
	This implies that the latter would've to be updated each time a
	new filesystem check program is added to (and, perhaps, removed
	from) the system.


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