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Re: Move all to /usr

>>>>> Marco d'Itri <md@Linux.IT> writes:
>>>>> On Oct 11, Ivan Shmakov <ivan@gray.siamics.net> wrote:

 >> Saving a dozen of bytes in ${PATH} doesn't seem like an
 >> astonishing idea, anyway.  What's the point, then?

 > It is explained in the Red Hat wiki page. Try reading it again.

	Indeed, I've just read it.  To summarize: our / and /usr/ became
	quite tangled over the years, so let's use initramfs instead of
	/, and / instead of /usr.

	Honestly, I believe that Debian hasn't messed up that that
	badly.  (In particular, I still think that it's possible to boot
	without /usr being available.)  However, should initramfs really
	be considered “Debian's brand new /”, I demand that both
	e2fsck(8) and bash(1) be included into one by default, so that
	one would still be able to boot and repair a damaged /usr/^W /
	from there.

	To me, going this way means that initramfs becomes subject to
	unconstrained growth.  Somehow, I deem it less acceptable for
	initramfs than for /.

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