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Re: Move all to /usr

On Tue, 11 Oct 2011 16:44:12 +0200, Sven Joachim wrote:
On 2011-10-11 16:32 +0200, Marco d'Itri wrote:


Would "mv /bin/* /usr/bin/" and making it a symlink just work, without the need to create temporary symlinks in every package as red hat plans
to do?

Not at all, for there are some packages which ship both /bin/foo and a
symlink /usr/bin/foo to it; those would be broken.


Is a nice concept. In other OS, like Plan9, there are only one folder with the binary files (/bin), the other folders (/usr/bin, /sbin, ... and ~/bin) are "binded" to /bin.

In Windows 7 this concept is used in "My Documents", "My Music",... where multiple folders are showed together in other folder. When you write to the folder, one is the default folder for writing.

In Linux > 2.4, "mount -t bind" is near of this idea.

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