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Bug#644519: ITP: drush-make -- drupal source code deployment tool

Package: wnpp
Severity: wishlist
Owner: "Antoine Beaupré" <anarcat@koumbit.org>

* Package name    : drush-make
  Version         : 2.3
  Upstream Author : Dmitri Gaskin
* URL             : https://drupal.org/project/drush_make
* License         : GPL2+
  Programming Lang: PHP
  Description     : drupal source code deployment tool

Drush make is an extension to drush that can create a ready-to-use
drupal site, pulling sources from various locations. It does this by
parsing a flat text file (similar to a drupal .info file) and
downloading the sources it describes. In practical terms, this means
that it is possible to distribute a complicated Drupal distribution as
a single text file.

Among drush make's capabilities are:

 * Downloading Drupal core, as well as contrib modules from
 * Checking code out from CVS, SVN, git, and bzr repositories.
 * Getting plain .tar.gz and .zip files (particularly useful for
   libraries that can not be distributed directly with drupal core or
 * Fetching and applying patches.
 * Fetching modules, themes, and installation profiles, but also
   external libraries.
 * Drush make does not turn modules on automatically: it only
   assembles Drupal directories -- it does not touch any database.

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