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Re: On Sid and Experimental (GNOME3 transition)

On Sun, 2 Oct 2011 02:36:03 -0400
Manjul Apratim <manjul.apratim@gmail.com> wrote:

> cite a few, Sid still has rhythmbox-0.12 while I have been using
> rhythmbox-2.90 in both Ubuntu and Arch without problems for quite some time

OK, what that comes down to is the migration to libgtk3 from libgtk2
and gnome3 from gnome2. That is in progress and it just takes longer to
happen in Debian than in Ubuntu because of the extra architectures and
various other differences.

> and needless to say it is present in Experimental, and Sid still does not
> have gnome-shell, which has also been present in Experimental for quite some
> time (I concede the need to build on all architectures and not just
> selfishly on mine, but isn't that the purpose of Testing?). Therefore, from
> purely a user's perspective, I wonder about the daunting task of maintaining
> Testing/Sid/Experimental separately - with due respect, if Sid was itself
> Experimental, and Testing the stabler version of that (but < Stable) which
> would eventually mature into the next release, would that have been an
> inadequate scenario? Currently, if I wish to use software from Experimental,
> I would have to resort to apt-pinning, and I (personally of course) find
> that to be almost as dangerous as running Sid or using the actual software
> from Experimental itself; even as Monsieur Hertzog himself states in his
> blog, "apt-pinning for the brave" - I cannot help but view too many apt pins
> as an intentional recipe for disaster!

There are plenty of people doing just that to find out how Gnome3 looks
on their systems. It's a large transition and it takes time to complete.

> I am sure a lot of the discussion/explanation of this overlaps with the
> "Continuously Usable Testing" scenario and I apologize for the abject
> ignorance regarding past issues as well as the process of development, but I
> feel that Sid, as it stands, is pretty much a Continuously Usable Testing.
> So would it be unacceptable if Debian had, beyond Stable, just a
> "Continuously Usable Testing" and a Sid (which was itself Experimental)?
> Then, users wanting a mix of new software and stability will be able to use
> the CUT, while though Sid may break a little more than it does now (which
> has in my experience been never yet if one is careful), it would, aside from
> continuing to offer the latest and greatest from the FOSS world, be merely
> living up to its reputation :)

I get the feeling you are proposing a major change on the basis of only
a couple of packages which are deeply involved in a major ingoing
transition which, when complete, will give you exactly what you wanted
anyway because those versions will be available in testing and then in
the Wheezy stable release.

Those maintainers directly involved in the GNOME3 work will, I'm sure,
comment on exactly how much longer the transition will take and what is
currently blocking completion.


Neil Williams

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