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Re: Maintainers, porters, and burden of porting

In the blue corner, we have The Maintainer, who says: "I have a problem
with one architecture, and my package does not work there. It's The
Porter's job to debug and fix that. They know what's usually broken
on their architecture, so it's easier for them."

In the green corner, we have The Porter, who says: "Our architecture
has a problem with one package, and the software doesn't work with
our machines. It's The Maintainer's job to debug and fix that. They
know what's usually broken with their software, so it's easier for them."

Both are right: sometimes it's easier for the other party to debug stuff.

But both are wrong, too: it's always the job of both. It's not supposed
to be a struggle between maintainers and porters, but everyone in
Debian against bugs and shortcomings of our system. Also, neither group
is homogenous, and it's silly to require everyone to be an expert on
debugging tricky portability problems. So the best approach is, I think,
to do your best and ask for help when needed. And avoid framing discussions
in ways that create unnecessary antagonism between groups of people.

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