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Re: Source Code One Line Change [patch] and Copyright holder

I agree that the change is not Copyrightable. The bug is there and its easyli reproducable.


> ]] "Nanakos V. Chrysostomos"
> | recently I have contributed a on-line patch [0] that resolves a
> | significant and major security bug in a PAM module. I added myself to
> the
> | Copyright holders of the file and added this change to the changelog
> file
> | as you can easily see in [1]. The upstream author and developer of this
> | software claims that I am not intended to add my name for such a small
> | change to the Copyright holders of the file and he should ask for legal
> | advise. What is your opinion? Is this right?
> I think he's in the right, your contribution does not really consist of
> any significant creative effort.
> I'm also unable to reproduce your bug.
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> Tollef Fog Heen
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