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Re: Release Update: Goals, Arches, Rolling, Removals

* Neil McGovern <neilm@debian.org>, 2011-08-01, 22:07:
As noted in our previous mail [0DAY:DDA], bug #625449 has been opened against developers-reference. This now seems to be drawing itself to a conclusion. We would still welcome use of delayed queues where appropriate, but this also formalises the policy over the previous few years which allows DELAYED/0 for uploads fixing only release-critical bugs older than 7 days, with no maintainer activity on the bug for 7 days and no indication that a fix is in progress.

If you decide to NMU without delay a package maintained by me[0], please don't bother doing it, but orphan the package instead. I won't be interested in maintaining such a package anymore.

[0] That is, with the Maintainer field set to me.

Jakub Wilk

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