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Re: use flags? (was: Re: Introducing Build-Recommends / Build-Core-Depends?)

* Eugene V. Lyubimkin (jackyf@debian.org) [110813 14:58]:
> On 2011-08-13 13:28, Andreas Barth wrote:
> > Building with core Dependencies only
> > 
> > If doing an build of the core functionality only, norecommends is
> > added to the environment DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS. This is the signal for
> > dpkg-buildpackage etc to only check for the minimal set of packages,
> > and for the debian/rules to accept if some functionality is missing
> > (i.e. might require changes to usage of ./configure).
> > 
> > (Buildds should do it in a way that they first check if however all
> > recommends are available, and only failing that setting the header -
> > makes it more likely we get full packages early; but that's an
> > implementation sidenote).
> This proposal effectively means there will two ways of building the
> package: 'core' and 'full' one.
> If we accept the idea there's now more than one way to build the
> package, I would like us do not limit the number of ways to '2' but
> rather extend the prospoal to set up something similar to Gentoo's USE
> flags.

Eh, sorry. This proposal doesn't say "there are exactly two ways", but
"this is the minimal set of dependencies to get at least one working
binary package out" and "with this, you get all working binary
packages". You could build with anything inbetween as well.

Also, more flags are already available via DEBBUILDOPTIONS like
"nodocs".  However, we should make sure that we consistently get what
we want for the main archive. So (except during bootstrapping time)
buildds should run with the default options.


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