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Re: Removal of systemtap from testing

Mehdi Dogguy <mehdi@dogguy.org> writes:
> Systemtap seems in pretty bad shape. Its removal from testing has been
> requested (See #635543) and will be effective by Saturday if still not
> fixed.
> It you still care about systemtap, please step up and offer your help to
> fix it.

Thanks for the warning. I care about systemtap. I use systemtap to debug
systems for which I always have root access anyway so I don't see
security problems as such a big deal. However, I can work on the build
failures and if patches for security bugs are available I can apply them

I'm currently at debconf so I'll probably miss the Saturday deadline but
that's ok, it can be uploaded again. Please ping me on irc if you want
to meet at debconf.


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