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Improving package descriptions (I)


some time ago I read a post of the DPL regarding enhancing package description quality. Bug reports from translators should be a means for achieving this goal.

(quoting from the developer's reference, section 8.4:)

Best current practice concerning l10n
As a translator, if you find an error in the original text, make sure to report it. Translators are often the most attentive readers of a given text, and if they
 don't report the errors they find, nobody will.

Sometimes when beginning a new translation for a package description
being part of Debian for quite some time I encounter descriptions which
I consider faulty/improvable. Does it make sense to report errors concerning
stable/oldstable when there are more recent descriptions?

Should one use specific tags for the bug reports? If yes, are there appropriate
ones (debian-i18n, debian-l10n, ...)?

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P.S: I'm subscribed to the list.

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