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Re: Order of dpkg triggers

Le lundi 11 juillet 2011 à 21:37 +0200, Joachim Breitner a écrit : 
> ghc is the Haskell compiler. Haskell libraries ship package descriptions
> in /var/lib/ghc/package.conf.d/, and this package data base can be
> queried using the ghc-pkg tool. For efficiency, "ghc-pkg recache" is
> called in ghc’s trigger to create a cache file. If this cache file is
> not up to date, ghc-pkg still works correct, just slower, and emits a
> warning.
> ghc-doc is the corresponding documentation package. Besides shipping the
> documentation for the basic packages, it also maintains a system-wide
> index of installed libraries. To that end, it’s trigger uses ghc-pkg, if
> it is available, to get a list of installed packages and then create the
> index.
> Now if both packages are installed, and a new haskell library is being
> installed, it can happen that ghc-doc’s trigger runs first, hence it
> uses ghc-pkg with an outdated cache, which emits a warning.
> If ghc-doc would directly Depend: on ghc, would dpkg then run the
> triggers in the other order?

Yes. In this case the ghc-doc trigger can only run when the ghc one has
already run.

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