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Re: mumble.debian.net

Stefano Zacchiroli wrote:
> Just a head up on this, for those who missed it. During the Squeeze
> release marathon, Joey Hess has set up a mumble server for the Debian
> Party Line initiative [1] and for subsequent general Debian usage. I've
> recently used it for GSOC mentoring and added it to the index of
> *.debian.net domains [2].

Ah, I'm happy to hear people are using the server.

> There's a lot of value in adding voice calls to geek interactions---as
> long as minutes are taken and posted afterwards, to avoid cutting out
> others. So do not hesitate to use mumble.debian.net for this kind of
> stuff!

Indeed. Do let me know if you get more than 60 people on it at a time,
which is its current tested high-watermark.

see shy jo

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